I’m a mid-thirties mom, wife, volunteer, traveler, and employee of a Fortune 5 company.  My blog, besitobliss, is named for the happy “little kisses,” or besitos, that our son gives us when we part. The impetus to start this blog is my need to prove to my husband that I have a sense of humor.  And I also wanted something constructive to do on Sunday mornings while my 21 month old destroys our house with a magic marker, or mop, or whatever he can get his hands on. I hope to weave a tapestry of words that will become a record of our lives – something for my children to have when they are older.  I often think I have some fun anecdotes to share about life in El Paso and my newly acquired status of momma, and let’s face it I’ve never been short on opinions. When the tedium of raising a toddler bores me to tears and all I have to write about is dirty diapers, I promise not to say anything at all.  This blog is not just about being a mom, it’s about anything and everything that comes to mind.  I may be talking about a trip to Bali one day and gay rights the next.  My husband Asher would say I’m just the right amount of wrong, and I don’t want to do too much censoring here, so read at your own risk and hopefully you won’t de-friend me on Facebook when it’s all said and done.  Andale!




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