It’s January, and my usual resolutions on health, exercise, and dieting have been put on hold because I’m seven months pregnant.  I had to make at least one commitment for the new year and I came up with two: the first being this blog and the second is to start a company.  More on the company in a future post.  I’m writing this blog for me and my family in order to have a permanent record for my kids when they are older.  I often wonder how my mom and granmom felt at my age during the fog of raising small children and I hope my children will enjoy this when they are in the same position (and then thank me for being so awesome).  I have a couple of other selfish reasons for creating a blog- I’d like to work on my writing skills and prove to my husband that I do have a sense of humor even if I don’t think Caddyshack is the funniest movie ever.  Being parents of a 21 month old, we never lack for amusement, and the name of this blog comes from telling him to give besitos, or in english “little kisses,” any time we part.  He usually complies with our request by opening his mouth and blowing himself kisses.  Those little besitos are a tremendous source of bliss for me.

I must admit that it’s taken me all morning to get the blog set up and write my first post.  I was initially distracted by the Raisin Bran that got dumped into my coke and was subsequently fed to the dogs by my toddler (see picture of the event above).  Then said toddler found a marker and covered his hands and face in it- little black squiggles on skin and I was just thanking god that he didn’t mark up my new walls and cabinets.  I still haven’t cleaned him up yet.  I had hoped that our one millionth viewing of “Toy Story” would distract him long enough for me to write a little, but alas I finally had to wake up dad to take over parenting (if you will call it that) duties.  When we were pregnant with Hunter, countless people told us how our lives would change… drastically they said.  Yes, the newborn stage was rough but we came tumbling out of it in good shape and still clinging to our independence.  We still went to bars, out to dinners, and on vacation with and without the baby.  Our wine club memberships were renewed.  We found a good nanny and enlisted the support of grandparents.  It was a collective effort for us to maintain a balance but we did it and I like to think we did it well.  It’s not that the warning was completely wrong, it was just delivered too early.  When the bar-loving baby became a walking, talking, demanding, play-with-me-all-the-time-or-I-will-throw-things-at-you toddler, our lives changed.  He became harder to take out, harder to leave (picture him screaming our names as we pull out the driveway), and completely unmanageable in a wine bar.  Yes, we still vacation without him, we still go out, but caring for him dominates our life.  My friend Erin kindly pointed out that it’s my own fault that parenthood is so overwhelming to me because I was so spoiled prior to having children.  “If you didn’t have so much fun pre-kids, the contrast wouldn’t be so drastic” she told me.  I guess she’s right.  And not to mislead you, Hunter is the love of our lives, a transcendent love that we both admit to never understanding until we had him.  But the tedium of raising a toddler is what shocked me and changed my life.

Just to keep it interesting, six weeks from now we will be throwing another child into the mix.  While we were debating the merits of having a second child, we went on vacation, and that second child decided to come on its own.  Our debate ended and our dilemma was solved for us and we will be the parents of two children 22 1/2 months apart.  I call that insanity.

Oh, and I lied, I did make one small new year’s resolution around diet, and that was to stop eating cheesecake for breakfast.


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